Sunday, May 17, 2009

Possibly the Last Cold Front for the Season

Petite Leaves Garland in Sage Green

Silver Lining Scarf in Silver Gray

"Petite Leaves Garland in Charcoal

It has been hot and muggy for a few weeks. It has been in the low 90s. Yuck! Luckily we got a cold front in yesterday. It rained most of the day and cool the temperature of quite a bit. It's only going to get up to mid 70s today. It's been nice and pleasant. The sun's been in and out of the clouds all day.

I've been busily crocheting to make up for a few weeks that I was crazy at work. I'm still very busy at work, not crazy, just busy. I'll be a little less anxious when things are back to a steady pace so that I can enjoy my time off crocheting and working in my garden some.

I've listed a few things on Etsy this week. Did not get to learn how to do hairpin lace crochet as I planned. There's always tomorrow...

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