Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Four at SXSW Interactive 2010

It's been a great learning experience to me and also very hard work. I've finally get to go home before dark for the first time since the conference started. I helped that the day light saving time started yesterday. The light was so beautiful when I left the Convention Center that I had to stopped and take some pictures or these beautiful trees.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky | Advertising & Design Factory

Crispin Porter + Bogusky | Advertising & Design Factory

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring flowers!

We have so many flowers on the Bradford Pear trees in our yard. The one in the back yard looks like it's covered in snow! I need to go out and check closer on my edible pears. They're only a couple of years old but I'm hopeful that I'll have lots of pears this year. Enough for the squirrels to share with us! I was rushing off to SXSW Interactive in downtown Austin this morning but had to stopped and take a snap shot. Will have to take more pictures and take my time enjoying this amazing beauties soon after I don't have to spend all my waking hours at the conference.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let the SXSW Festivities Begin!

I'm going to attend the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Activities this weekend. This is my second year and I've been looking forward to this for quite sometime. I learned so much and was so inspired last year that I only have high hope for this year. I'm not flying solo this year so this will make this learning experience even more enjoyable.

I went ahead and pick up the badge for the festival on Thursday night, the night before the festival begins. It's much faster this way. The line was much much shorter and the process was pretty fast. Now I just have to look through the schedule and plan out the next few days.

Visit my facebook page if you'd like to learn a little more about SXSW Interactive through a designer's eyes.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Etsy Treasury West - earthy - curated by lisaburkin on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Who Doesn't Love Chocolate? - curated by waynewillcox on 03-05-10.

Thanks waynewillcox :-) Check out waynewillcox woodworking shop.

My Etsy Treasury West - Anything Goes... - on 03-05-10

Featured shops:
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Row 2: visionquest, jennjohn, sharonclancydesigns
Row 3: dancingintherains, OrlyMyLight, lisaburkin
Row 4: decoratethediva, waynewillcox, milam

Etsy Treasury - P U R I T Y - curated by FebystandDesigns on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - CROWS - curated by YannPendaries on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - OH SUGAR SUGAR - curated by malam on 03-05-10

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ETsy Treasury - blue skies - curated by NimiJewelry on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - I want... - curated by paulaand katestudio on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - S is for Flaming - curated by ginnyhuber on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - Inspired by the FLAG OF IRELAND - curated by sharonclancydesigns on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - Colors are... - curated by jennjohn on 03-05-10

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Etsy Treasury - Three Times a Lady - curated by OrlyMyLight on 03-04-10

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Etsy treasury made it to Etsy front page at midnight! 03-04-2010

What a night! I'm so thankful. Only a couple hours after my hat made it to Etsy front page in dancingintherains treasury my own Treasury made it there as well.

Thank you all the wonderful artists featured in this treasury for the inspiration.

Woo hooo... Etsy front page 03-03-10 Thank you dancingintherain.etsy

It's always a very nice surprise every time I see my work on the front page of Etsy. It never gets old. :-) Thank you again dancingintherains for curated such a gorgeous treasury (as always) and take us to the front page. A perfect end of today.

Woo hoooo! Etsy front page!

Etsy Treasury West - buttercream - curated by visionquest on 03-03-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Erin go Bragh! - curated by botanicalbird on 03-03-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Razzle - curated by fifthquadrant on 03-03-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Smart Colors - curated by decoratethediva on 03-03-10

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Etsy Treasury - Avocado green - curated by dancingintherains on 03-02-10

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Etsy Treasury - tropical - curated by lisaburkin on 03-02-10

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Etsy Treasury - weightless - curated by terraworks on 03-02-10

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Etsy Treasury - Embrace Me - curated by BeiMondi on 03-02-10

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Etsy Treasury -Please LETTUCE have Spring! - curated by jennjohn on 03-02-10

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Etsy Treasury - T r u e L o v e - curated by FebystandDesigns on 03-01-10

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Etsy Treasury - Pimento - curated by BeadFrenZ on 03-01-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Inspired by nature - curated by laslopezlas on 03-01-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Simply Golden Classics - curated by aTwistofFateDesign on 03-01-10

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Etsy Treasury - meet me for tea - curated by btaylorquilts on 02-27-10

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Etsy Treasury - Thanks is for giving - curated by Sigmosaics on 02-27-10

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Etsy Treasury - Spring with an order of sunshine - curated by KATuck on 02-27-10

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Etsy Treasury - B e Y o u r s e l f - curated by FebystanDesigns on 02-24-10

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Etsy Treasury - day + night - curated by lisaburkin on 02-25-10

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Etsy Treasury - Ebb and Flow - curated by decoratethediva on 02-25-10

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Etsy Treasury - bright spots - curated by discomedusa on 02-25-10

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My Treasury West - Goodbye Snow. Hello Sunshine. - on 02-24-10

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Etsy Treasury West - spoon full of sugar - curated by jennreese7 on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Red Blue - curated by dbabcock on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Mossy Funshine - curated by decoratethediva on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury West - river rocks - curated by noblegnome on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Blush - curated by GukinoArtJewelry on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury West - Spring Cherry Blossoms - curated by hoganfe on 02-23-10

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Etsy Treasury - B e Y o u r s e l f - curated by FebystanDesigns on 02-24-10

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Etsy Treasury West What's black and white and curated by abimonroe on 02-23-10

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Inspiration for clearing out clutter - If only I can follow it.

Keep clearing out the clutter and making room for what is new. The more junk you get rid of, the more space you will have for feeling, for breathing and generally for feeling like you have enough space to live. Much of what you are getting rid of are things that hold an emotional attachment to the past. I don’t suggest you just throw them on the fire, however; take a little time and feel the sensations associated with these things, particularly if they belonged to your parents. Once you’ve made contact, say goodbye and let go of them.

~ Eric Francis