Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day trip to Llano to see the Bald Eagles

That was the plan any way. Supposedly there're 4 eagles living there.

It was a beautiful day for a ride. Lots of bikes on the road going the same way. Wayne said they're sport bike so they can go a lot faster than us. If I remember correctly, they're members of "StreetFX" from Houston. At least that's what their jacket said :-)

When we got to the eagles viewing area, there were a few cars and people waiting for the eagles but no eagles. We rode into Llano and ate a ton of Cooper's B-B-Que. That was worth the trip in itself, I think. There were a big group of dual sport bikes getting to the restaurant at the same time. They're from Junction, TX. Wayne was envious. We stop by to check out the eagles again on the way home, still not there. This time there was only 1 car waiting. Oh well, next time.

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