Saturday, September 4, 2010

Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies...

Butterflies by Manolo Valdés Photo: Sotheby's
I love getting artdaily newsletter in my inbox every morning. I've seen many beautiful arts that I otherwise would never heard of or seen without leaving the comfort of my own home. This morning was no exception. I was smitten when I saw this picture of Monola Valdes's Butterflies. 

Alexander McQueen's Butterfly Hat Photo: Harper's Bazaar

I have a soft spot in my heart for butterflies since forever. This sculpture also reminded me of Alexander McQueen's Butterfly Hat in Harper's Bazaar which I have a copy pinned to my office wall for a while now.

Fluttery Breath of Life Necklace by Jewelera on Etsy
I found these gorgeous ethereal butterflies necklaces and earrings by jewelera on Etsy. They are just breathtaking and much closer to my price range than the Manolo Valdes' and Alexander McQueen's pieces. Certainly if money is no object, I'd like to have them all. But for now I might just have to get one of Jewelera's earrings or necklaces soon.

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