Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Autumn

copper corsage from

bell flower charm ring from

yarn bowl from

This could possibly be the hottest week of this year (especially in Texas). There's no way I would venture outside. Might as well stay in the comfort of your air conditioned home and plan ahead for the fall. At least it will keep your mind of the heat. I found these perfect fall items browsing through some of my favourite shops on Are you ready for the fall season?


roughmagiccreations said...

Wow Kanokwalee, this is lovely and I'm thrilled and honored to see my necklace included in such wonderful company!!! Thank you so much!

Autumn can't get here fast enough for me, and I'm sending cooling thoughts to you in Texas ... I know what the heat is like there!


kathiroussel said...

wonderful post kanokwalee-- i have to say all of the recent talk of autumn has me anticipating the cooler evenings and crisp sunny mornings along with the colors changing in the plants and sky... the meantime can i come and escape this heat in the air conditioning with you?

thanks so much-- best wishes to you!!

Kanokwalee said...

Air conditioner is a great invention! Hope you all are staying cool.