Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congratulation Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet 's short movie screening at Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

Check out Thompson a short movie directed by Jason Tippet and produced by Elizabeth Mims. It has been in many film festival since its world premier here in Austin last spring at SXSW. They've been in the London Film Festival and now THE film festival of all film festival.

I knew Elizabeth since she was teeny tiny before she got her first camera and started shooting movie after school and on weekends with her friends and family. My family spent a lot of time at the Mims'. She has always been a very creative and hard worker. She maybe only 21 but she has a lot of experience under those hip cool belts of hers. I am certain we will see many more great movies directed or produced by her in the near future. I'm kicking myself now for turning down a chance to be in one of her movies many years ago (even though I knew she'd go the distance in the film industry.) At least I can start name dropping now. I know Elizabeth Mims since she was a little child. :-)

So proud and happy for her and her family. Congratulation again Elizabeth!!! Don't forget me when you're rich and (more) famous.

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