Thursday, October 22, 2009

An October Weekend Trip to Big Bend, TX

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I love Big Bend. It's a magical place to me. We've looking forward to this trip for a while now. Wayne's looking forward to riding the Burlingua Dual Sport ride. I'm looking forward to just be there and take it all in. It's been a beautiful day in Austin today. The weather is just perfect. We're hoping for the perfect weather in Big Bend the whole weekend too. Keep your fingers crossed.

The trip's going to take us all day Friday (at least 9 hours from what I can remember) to travel there and all day Monday to travel back. But it's so worth it. I wish that we can stay the whole week sometime. That would be awesome.

I'll try to post pictures if there's internet connection or cell phone service. The last time I was there it was spotty at best. We're going to have a very good weekend!

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