Monday, September 14, 2009

Etsy Treasury "favorites" curated by Sigmosaics 09-

Sigmosaics featured my Ivory Lots of Round Cup Leaflets scarf in her gorgeous "favorites" Etsy treasury on 09-14-09.

Thank you Sigmosaics!

Featured Etsy Shops:

Row 1: ThongbaiTatong, sweptfromthesea, BlueTerraCotta

Row 2: 5gardenias, GetReadySetGO, theBeadAerie

Row 3: GreenPost, kiwibird1, dancingintherains

Row 4: LaTouchables, kanokwalee, Jealousydesign

1 comment:

Sigmosaics said...

I am just doing a little blog reading catch up and I see this one! yes, indeed .. i absolutely loved this treasury too .. this is a wonderful way to 'hold on' to them forever :)

You know, the treasuries would not be so beautiful if they didn't have such amazing artists in them .. it's the artists work that makes them shine :D