Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy-Treasury "dream of a sunny meadow" curated by lauraslocumpainted081409

Lauraslocumpainted featured my Lemongrass Green Lots of Round Cup Leaflets in her beautiful "dream of a sunny meadown" Etsy treasury on 08-14-09.

Thank you lauraslocumpainted!

Featured designers:
Row 1: glasfaden, GlazedOver, CatLudwigStudio
Row 2: ginpins, CocoaBeans, kanokwalee
Row 3: DancingDolphinPotter, kathiroussel, goodmorning
Row 4: GreenPost, inafrenzy, ginnyhuber

1 comment:

Stay Tuned said...

i love this treasury, so i'm happy it'll still be here after it expires!! laura xxoo