Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy-Treasury "DRAMATIC-ROSE CEREMONY 2" curated by lauraslocumpainted 07-30-09

Lauraslocumpainted featured my Lots of Round Cup Leaflets in her dramatic "Dramatic Rose Ceremony 2" Etsy treasury on 07-30-09. Featured designers are selected from search keyword "etsyprojectembrace" on Etsy. Etsy project Embrace are a group of Etsian joining in honor of Laura Slocum to raise fund for American Cancer Society.

Thank you lauraslocumpainted!

Featured designers:
Row 1: Lori411, theBeadAerie, 5gardenias
Row 2: vadjutka, animalgam, adornbyamysingley
Row 3: botanicalbird, sharonclancydesigns, kanokwalee
Row 4: lillyella, WhirlWindJewelry, polarity


Stay Tuned said...

i like how your put the treasurys on your blog.... I never learned how to do a screen shot - i think that is cool. Thanks! laura :)

Kanokwalee said...

Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoy them.

I just love treasuries. They're fun to make, fun to look at. I try my best to list all featured designers but sometime I just got too busy. I'd like to add link to all designers but that's a lot of work, time consuming. I'm still working on an easy way to identify which item go with which designers. Guess we're all a work in progress and learning little by little.