Friday, January 23, 2009

A Note from SaraLu25 on etsy

I got a wonderful note from one of my etsy customers, SaraLu25, last week. It really made me feel good about my work. SaraLu25 definitely lifted my spirit and renew my enthusiasm to keep creating and selling on etsy. Thank you so very much Sara. You have no idea what your note meant to me. xoxo

Below is the note from SaraLu25 on etsy.

by SaraLu25


Thought you'd be interested in the following: I wore the lace leaf scarflette today (black)...had it on over a nice pink cashmere turtleneck sweater (lightweight) but with a black jacket (it is cold here!) Well, everywhere I went (I had some errands to do) someone said something about the scarflette (and I did not draw attention to it.) I had to return some pillow shams to Anthropologie and the woman who waited on me said, "I love your scarf--is it crocheted? Where did you get it?" I told her and she said she'd have to check out Etsy. Then I went to Brighton to return some items for my son's girlfriend. There, two saleswomen commented on the scarf and again, asked where I got it. Going back to my car, I went through Saks and stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter to get some concealer. Again, "I love the scarf. Is that crocheted? Where did you find that?"

So, just thought you'd like to know the sensation your scarf caused wherever I went today:)Perfect weight and adds an interesting touch to what I had on.

Again, thanks!


17 January 2009 7:21pm EDT

This is the scarf Sara referring to in her note.

And here are the other two scarves Sara got from my etsy store.

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