Thursday, April 3, 2008

Studio/Craft Room

I've been slowly working on my studio/craft room. So far I've painted the walls pure white and replaced all the light bulbs with day light bulb. It's amazing what little things like that can help with designing the colors of your projects and the photos of the projects. It's much easier to get the colors of the photo to actually match the actual colors of the project.

I've been seriously considering adding one of the Ott-Lite to the room. The cost is the biggest problem I have right now. But, I might just have to bite the bullet and get one.

I've also half organized my yarn stash. I did really good when I first started out. So, I now have half (or more) or my stash in bags all over the room (and my bedroom) and the other half neatly organized in the closet. I'm waiting for the yarn fairies to finished yarn organization and that has not happened yet. I might actually have to do it myself.

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